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TITLE: FREE UDEMY - Complete Arduino Course For Beginners




What you'll learn​

  • Understand what is the Arduino
  • Understand what is the Arduino IDE
  • Programming on Arduino IDE
  • How to work on Arduino without having it
  • What is Arduino simulator and how can it be useful to you
  • How to display what we want on one digit and four digit 7-segment led display and LCD screen
  • What is LED and how it can be controlled by Arduino
  • How to detect that button is pressed
  • What is a potentiometer and how can it be used?
  • What is Buzzer and how to play a melody on it?
  • How to connect and get data from several sensors: • Light sensor • Thermometer • Ultrasonic Distance sensor • Motion (PIR) sensor
  • Motors. What are the differences between them and how to control them?


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