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TITLE: PLDT FX-ID3 - Disable auto update firmware.


PLDT FX-ID3 - Disable auto update firmware.
1. Open google chrome first then type in the url ""
2. Then you login using the registered username and password.

Username: pldthome
Password: (depending on what you have registered)

3. You will see like this once you have successfully logged-in to the device

4. Inspect inside pldt's database. Then go to settings and break down the system settings.

5. "Local upgrade" will appear at the bottom and there you will flash the firmware you want to downgrade

6. After that, wait for 2 minutes before the firmware changes.

7. Change the login password immediately so that you will not be caught and PLDT will update so that you can enter the advance login.

For admin access and disabling the auto update firmware.
1. Login using the following credentials:
Username: advance
Password: @siaTelco

2. Then click on remote upgrade.

3. Change it immediately before the PLDT auto updates in 10 mins.

* Upgrade Mode change to "Manual"
Check Interval (Hours) to "999"
Upgrade Address (IP or URL) "It depends on you what url you enter as long as the default is not there"

4. Then Save. Just wait after pldt device reboots.

5. Login then go back to settings> system settings> factory reset and click "Restore"

Download Firmware here:

Username: smartbro
Password: smartbro

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