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TITLE: AI Real Time Voice Changer


Free Real Time Voice Changer for PC​

Choose from 1000s of different voices in Voice Universe - our huge UGC voice library. The possibilities are endless, whether you're playing Minecraft, Fortnite, Among Us or others of your favourite video games! Create a new vocal identity and explore our many voice effects with the best voice changer online.

AI Voice Changer​

AI Voice changers are the evolution of online voice changers. More powerful than simple voice filters, they allow you to completely change your voice to however you want. Unlike traditional voice changers or voice modulators they do not struggle with things like female voice conversion or gender voices, but give you complete freedom to create your own voice. Whether you want a funny voice to make jokes with friends or create a new voice to better represent your online identity, an AI voice changer makes it possible to have your custom voice. It's easy to setup and lets you take your content creation, livestreaming or gaming to a new level.

Supported Games & Apps​

The Voice AI Voice Changer gives you the power to change your voice in real-time for a whole bunch of games, including: Among Us, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, CS:GO, League of Legends. Ready for your favourite celebrity to enter the group chat? Try out any voice in social messaging apps including: #forbidden#, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, WhatsApp, and many more!

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