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TITLE: No Custom ISO for Vol 21 of Platinum Karaoke KS CD series

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Volume 21 is now available for KS Series



I'll not post a custom ISO for this one.



1. It's not worth it for me to update now. (August 2022 - November 2022 songs so that's 4 months from Vol 20 which is until July 2022) They updated it pretty fast. Also only a few of our favorite songs are there.

2. I still don't have my Custom BGV lineup for this one. I'm still picking.

3. I only have one disc left on my 10 discs (used some for tests and other purposes). I still have money to buy more but I want to save.

4. I'll post my custom ISO every 2-3 volumes or if there's a lot of songs that we like.


Thanks for your understanding.

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  • j jinsarap JoinedNov 23 22 Comments5 Threads 2 Reactions4
    usernamejinsarap    4 days ago #1

    pashare master vol 21 

  • J Johnson476 JoinedOct 22 22 Comments7 Threads 0 Reactions13
    usernameJohnson476    3 days ago #2

    me too i want v21 if available pls.

  • m meowww JoinedSep 05 22 Comments26 Threads 2 Reactions49
    usernamemeowww    yesterday #3

    pashare idol