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TITLE: Nerisa (2021) 720p WEB-DL MF



When Obet saved Nerisa, a beautiful maiden floating on the sea, strange things befall the island. Since then, Nerisa has been blamed for everything and is suspected to be a mermaid because of her beauty and mystery. Lusted by men and envied by women, Nerisa doesn’t care about any issue thrown at her because it’s only Obet who’s important to her. When Obet becomes missing after a sea accident, she vows to do and give everything including her body to find him.

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  • E Emerson.Mall.. JoinedAug 26 21 Comments1 Threads 0 Reactions0
    usernameEmerson.Mall..    one year ago #1

    dl link pls

    😮 Axon03
  • A Axon03 JoinedMar 03 21 Comments112 Threads 500 Reactions188
    usernameAxon03    one year ago #2

    Emerson.Mallari391 :

    dl link pls

    hi ser react lang po sa thread..thanks

    😮 Axon03
  • M Marta.Riesgo.. JoinedApr 04 22 Comments1 Threads 0 Reactions6
    usernameMarta.Riesgo..    8 months ago #3

    Parece una pelicula estupenda no la he visto ya comentare-

  • b boisakyod JoinedNov 21 22 Comments1 Threads 0 Reactions3
    usernameboisakyod    5 days ago #4

    File download blocked already by MediaFire :(