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TITLE: (VOLUME 20 AVAILABLE) Platinum Karaoke KS Series Vol 18 ISO with songlists Download Link

#Entertainments# Karaoke

For songlists, scroll down below (I have to put this so I won't reply the same thing over and over again)




Latest Update

Volume 20 ISO Original (Cool112):

Volume 20 with my BGV selection:


Applicable for KS players only!! Not applicable for other models like Reyna, etc.


Guys, meron nang Vol 18 for KS Series (Platinum Karaoke). I found this in a different forum webpage.

Originally from Warloy from (Original forum link:


I'll put the download link so you won't register in that forum.

Google Drive:

To see the hidden content, you have to react on this post.


To see the hidden content, you have to react on this post.


Guys, meron rin ako itong iso with custom BGV (my selection of videos), try niyo:


However there's downsides sa pagdownload ito.

1. The file is too big (5.92 GB) that Mega notifies you for transfer quota exceeded.

2. Magstop sa about 60%. Maghintay pa ka ng 6 hours para magcontinue (Tip: Bookmark that page.)

3. Go back to that page and click continue once 6 hours timeout is up.

4. Please download through Google Drive 'cause it's easier.


Disc recommended: DL (Dual Layer), 8.5 GB, should be blank


For Songlists (people asking me for this so I have to edit this one so that I don't have to reply the same thing over and over again.)

I don't have the full songbook in pdf. I think there's some in shopee if you want to buy the songbook and songlists.


For those who have songbooks (like me, my player has come with Disc - Volume 5 and songbook) and just want to print out the new songlists, follow the instructions below:

1. Go to this page:

2. Select KS-5/Junior Lite/KS-10/Junior 2.

3. Select a volume to download pdf. (click ang pdf button)

4. Open pdf, print at ilagay sa songbook.

Pwede rin ikaw mag-search ng kanta gamit ang Platinum Link (newer, needs WIFI) or Platinum Digital Songbook (offline but limited until Vol 17) app.


Guys, if you ask me for songlists, please refer to this. I don't wanna reply the same reply over and over.


Namange ko na burn ang Cd gamit ang XP Burner and replace the original BGV files with my custom BGV files. Natest ko nito sa KS-10 Junior KoolSound and it worked with the custom BGV smoothly!! By the way, yan ang one of the oldest players from KS Series Platinum (Mom bought it last 2014).


Also please say thank you replies to warloy sa original forum website for sending the ISO.


Maligayang Pasko and enjoy the new songs. Stay safe!


May the aura be with you.


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