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TITLE: Access D2K-FT10 SuperAdmin


App needed: PUTTY.EXE -

1. Use any web browser and Connect to your D2K-FT10 modem;
2. Log-in to pldthome using default user and pass
3. Enabling telnet access
b. enable; telnet service and SSH service then select "Unrestricted Access"
4. How to connect to telnet services
a. open your installed PUTTY
b. input "" ;
c. Select "other" and choose "Telnet" on the dropdown list
d. port should be "23"
e. click "open" button

5. After getting connected you will be asked for user and Pásswørd
a. PLDT user : root
b. Pásswørd : root123
6. After Log-in, need to access nvram.cfg
a. type on the console "cd var" then press enter
b. type on the console "cd tmp" then press enter
c. type on the console "cat nvram.cfg" then press enter - this will open the file
screen shot. search the below in red

7. now you have the Superadmin Pásswørd...

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