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Samsung’s Galaxy S23 and Xiaomi’s Recovery Highlight of Europe Smartphone Market Survey

By:  RENDC     26 May 2023

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Samsung’s Galaxy S23 and Xiaomi’s Recovery Highlight of Europe Smartphone Market Survey

The challenging economic climate continues to cast a shadow over the European smartphone market, as evidenced by the latest research from Counterpoint Research’s Market Monitor service. The data reveals a significant 23% year-on-year decline in smartphone shipments in Q1 2023, painting a bleak picture for the industry. Factors such as inflation, high-interest rates, soaring energy prices, and the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine have contributed to the cautious approach consumers are adopting towards discretionary spending. These circumstances have resulted in Q1 2023 marking the lowest quarterly total for smartphone shipments in Europe since Q2 2012.

Apple’s decline was less severe than its market competitors

Jan Stryjak, Associate Director at Counterpoint Research, addressed the situation, stating, “The cost-of-living crisis has continued to inflict misery upon European consumers, making the start of 2023 exceptionally challenging. Nonetheless, there have been some positive developments within the market. Despite losing market share compared to the same period in 2022, Samsung managed to maintain its leadership position by successfully launching its latest flagship Galaxy S23 series, which outperformed both the S22 and S21 models. Apple, on the other hand, gained a slight increase in market share year-on-year, although this was primarily due to its decline being less severe than that of its competitors. However, the standout performer in this difficult climate was Xiaomi, being the only major vendor to experience year-on-year growth, bouncing back from a lackluster Q1 2022.”

Looking ahead to the remainder of 2023, Stryjak expressed cautious optimism. He remarked, “We had predicted that the prevailing conditions would worsen before showing signs of improvement, and unfortunately, Q1 2023 proved us right, marking the worst quarter for smartphone shipments in Europe in over a decade. Nevertheless, we maintain an optimistic outlook that the economic pressures will gradually ease in the coming quarters, leading to a boost in consumer confidence. We anticipate a more positive end to the year, which should be reflected in the performance of the European smartphone market.”

Despite the current difficulties, market players and consumers alike are hopeful that the European smartphone market will regain its momentum as economic conditions stabilize. The launch of innovative and feature-rich flagship devices, such as Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series, will likely play a pivotal role in enticing consumers back into the market. Moreover, the resilience displayed by Xiaomi in its recovery from a lackluster Q1 2022 serves a

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